User documentation

Getting started and key concepts: The central concepts in Iodide, and how to get started.

IOMD format: The simple file format used to write Iodide notebooks.

Language plugins: Support for programming languages other than JavaScript.

API docs: Documents special JavaScript functions available to Iodide notebooks.

Common workflows and tips: Pointers for accomplishing common tasks in Iodide.

Quirks, gotchas, and workarounds: Information about edge cases in the Iodide environment, and how to work around them.

Developer documentation

Contributing: Information about contributing to Iodide.

Design principles: Core design principles for Iodide.

Local development: Setting up a local development environment.

Making a new release: Step-by-step instructions for making a new Iodide release.

Server administration

Overview: An overview of the basic architecture of the Iodide server and how to configure it.

Authentication Design: Detailed documentation of how authentication on an Iodide server works.

Common tasks: Information on common server administration tasks.

Policies and terms

Privacy policy, terms, and account management: Policies governing the use of